MB47 Sub Assembly

 MB47 Barreled Receiver subassembly, this is has all of the hard work done! You just need to add the final parts & finish of your choice. This Subassembly starts off with a new milled Sharps Bros MB47 receiver. With our MDC4150 CMV black nitride barrel (Chambered in 7.62x39), properly populated with our MDC FSB (Front Sight Block combo) and head spaced to a new production Bulgarian bolt.  Each subassembly is proper aligned and pinned!  This is not a completed firearm, it will ship to your FFL dealer as a Receiver. You will need to install the proper parts, Top cover, Gas tube, Carrier, Recoil rod fire control group, safety selector &  furniture set . .This is great way to Build your rifle your way!


Muzzle Device
Hand Gaurd Retainer