AR-15/AR-10 Serivices

 At Meridian Defense Corp we build and sell our own line of AR platforms, as well as offer our build and customization services. We build  mission specific rifles and pistols in a variety of calibers to suit your shooting needs. Our goal is to deliver a truly unique firearm that will outperform any massed produced product on the market today with guaranteed results. If you are interested in building your own firearm that will meet your expectations so your finished product will be dependable and safe please contact us and tell us what you need!


  • Complete assembly of AR Lower receiver  $35.00

  • Complete assembly of AR Upper receiver  $55.00

  • Complete assembly of AR Rifle assembly $90.00

  • Install new barrel  $50.00


  •  AR15/AR10 Barrel Threading: This covers cutting/crowning as well as threading. This service is for any AR15/AR10 barrel once it has been removed from the receiver. AR barrels with the FSB in place are covered under this service/fee. $65.00

  • Install & pin Front Sight Block (Customer supplied) $90.00 

  • Drill and pin low-pro gas blocks in place $55.00

  • Permanently attach muzzle device to bring the OAL to 16, or AWB Compliance. This is the pinning service only. This price does NOT include threading or the muzzle device. Barrel must be removed from upper $35.00

  • Index & install flash hider- includes Peel Washer  $10.00

  • Remove barrel for lathe turning or services - includes reinstall  $60.00

  • Install free float handguard/forearm conversion  $40.00

  • Install telescoping stock assembly conversion  $25.00

  • Install trigger (customer supplied receiver)  $30.00

  • Armorer's safety inspection: check components, assembly, gauge head space & test fire $70.00

  • Mount & bore site optics $30.00

  • Bore site only $15.00

  • Install individual small parts (each) $10.00

  • Change gas block (remove & install new doesn’t include drilling gas block dimple if set screw version ) $25.00