MDC-47 (UCR)

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The MDC 47 (UCR) is a military variation rifle with a unique combination of the Classic AK 47 design with modern day attributes. The MDC 47 (UCR) front section uses our American made black nitride barrel and FSB (front sight block). With the addition of the Ultimak picatinny style gas tube it gives the end user the ability to mount the optic in a forward position for faster, easier and more natural targeting while maintaining your full field of view. Multiple target or moving target engagements, with both eyes open, become second nature. 
The MDC-47C is built on our own receivers and high quality original military grade Polish parts kits. We use use our american made 4150 CMV black nitrided barrels which provide great accuracy and longevity. The gun is finished in Black nitride which provides excellent corrosion resistance and increased service life
Each receiver is hand built with attention to detail using CNC machines to insure accuracy. The receiver is fully heat treated in a salt bath to a hardness of 40 HRC. Our receivers have the proper Safe & Fire markings as well as the Selector Notches. Receivers are tumbled for smooth carrier cycling and function
    • Complete Black nitride of the weapon system including barrel, bolt, carrier, and piston to increase wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, & lubricity.
    • Smaller, lighter, and easier to carry than the traditional AK rifles
    • Same caliber (7.62 x 39) and operator interface as the AK rifles
    • MDC BD2 compensator for reduced muzzle climb 
    • Tunned Tapco G2 Trigger
      • Ultimak forward Optic mount
      • Magpul MOE AK grip
    All MDC 47 Rifles that are sold in California will be configured to meet California's new 2017 laws. Email for more info.  
    ALL MDC 47 Rifles must be shipped to your local FFL 

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